Industry 4.0 AI Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry
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Silicon – OEM

Deep Industry Knowledge that Creates Powerful Solutions

Silicon Original Equipment Manufacturing

Custom-Built Silicon Manufacturing with Integrated Artificial Intelligence​

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What We Do

We Provide Custom-Built Solutions for
Silicon-Based OEMs

  • Provision of a suite of applications (Web and Mobile-based) for device connectivity and monitoring of real-time performance metrics
  • Seamless cloud platform and device connectivity
  • Ability to view real-time performance of module/chip
  • Provision of network connectivity for devices with CAT-M modules
  • Versatile and simplified management of complex network connectivity
  • Provision of network connectivity for devices based on exact geographic locations

Optimize Factory Floors with the
Intelligent Edge

  • Deploy Industrial 4.0 Solutions – Powered by AI​

  • Collect Raw Data, Train & Process on the Endpoint

  • MicroAI™ provides Privacy & Security​

Industry Challenges

Lack of Deep Insights

OEMs lack critical insights into the performance and functionality of modules/chips that are running on devices.

Crippling Latency Delays

CAT-M modules face challenges and/or delays with registering on the carrier network.

Carrier Network Restrictions

Fixed carrier networks are restricted to work only with a dedicated geographic location.

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Business KPIs

Real-Time KPI’s and Metrics in Display

  • Sensor values
  • Health score of the device
  • Network strength
  • Network Quality
  • Data Publish Status

Benefits to Types and Processes

Edge-based AI and ML for asset and process optimization

  • Visibility
  • Performance
  • Assessment
  • Operational Excellence
  • Business Excellence
  • Seamless device connectivity to the cloud platform
  • Realtime performance monitoring
  • Network connectivity and Management
  • Provisioning of the network connectivity based on geographic location
  • MicroAI™ on the edge to predictive manufacturing

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Case Studies

We deployed a device and carrier management portal for a global leader in microcontrollers, analog, power, and SoC products. As part of this engagement, we enabled seamless device connectivity of their evaluation kits (CAT-M1 + RPi) to ONE Tech cloud platform. Some applications from the portals are displayed below:
  • Device Profile
  • Device Registration
  • Device Profile Management
  • Device Management
  • Asset Monitoring (Dashboards)
  • Wallet and Invoice Center

Deployment Model

Work with our Silicon OEM specialists to architect your specific, custom-built, connectivity system that meets the high-end technology requirements of your environment. Inquire more about how this can be coupled with ONE Tech’s MicroAI™ to enhance any technology with condition-based monitoring and abnormality tracking and embedded AI predictive capabilities.

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Latest Insights

Look under the hood

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