Smart Oil and Gas Solutions Enabled by Edge AI Technology
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Predict. Prepare. Prevent.

Edge Intelligence

AI and ML Technologies that Deliver Smart Oil & Gas Solutions


What We Do

Reliable performance of mission-critical assets is the lifeblood of Oil & Gas operations.

Our edge-based MicroAI™ technology delivers AI-Driven insight with a cost-effective footprint. Demonstrable capabilities include:

  • Visibility into field asset performance and sustainability
  • Actionable intelligence from relevant data sources including sensor and telemetry data systems (SCADA, DCS, PLC, RTU, etc.)
  • Predictive maintenance that optimizes maintenance schedules and reduces maintenance costs
  • AI-Driven Security monitoring to protects critical assets from cyber-attack—proactive protection of asset and data security
  • Predictive Output monitoring using machine learning analysis of planned and actual volume rates

Leveraging Data to make it

  • AI technologies that enable collection, processing, action, and storage of telemetry data from connected asset sensors

  • Utilizes existing operational and maintenance systems to enhance robustness and accuracy of outputs

  • Real-time tracking of the health and security of connected assets across the Oil & Gas ecosystem


Using Predictive Maintenance and AI/ML to address the challenges of the O&G Value Chain

Drilling & Well Completion

  • Drilling Process Optimization
  • Casing Running Tool Diagnostics
  • Pressure Pumping Process Diagnostics & Prognostics
  • Reduced Non Productive Time
  • High Pressure Monitoring in EPS
  • Visibility into Flowback Operations


  • Well Performance Ranking
  • Optimizing Flowback Operations
  • Multi-Phase Meter Diagnostics
  • Reduced Non- Productive Time
  • Granular insights into Rig State Activities
  • Optimization of anomalies detection
  • Process Monitoring and Optimization

Gathering Systems

  • Tank Diagnostics
  • Pressure Hot Spot Detection
  • Compressor Diagnostics
  • Reduced Non- Productive Time
  • Hotspot detection
  • Sales Point Optimization
  • Optimization of Swing Point decisions


  • Engine Emergency Shutdown Prediction
  • LNG Container Integrity Diagnostics
  • Flow Meter Optimization
  • Compressor and Engine Predictive Analytics
  • Pump and Engine Predictive Analytics
  • Reduced Non- Productive Time
  • Compressor Station Optimization
  • Pump Station Optimization


  • Processing Plant Optimization
  • Quality Benchmarking
  • Batch Processing Optimization
  • Non-Productive Time
  • Non-Uniform size of finished product due to clogging of reactor
  • Visibility into “in-process’ quality
  • Reductions in off-spec product

Chemical Processing Plant

  • Automated Root Cause Analysis
  • Quality Diagnostics and Prognostics
  • Time Sensitive Manufacturing Turnaround
  • High Precision Data Outputs
  • Reductions in quality related customer complaints
  • Reductions in Off-Spec Production
  • Reduced Non- Productive Time

Interested in how MicroAI™ works?

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Business KPIs

  • Reduce Equipment Failure Rate
  • Increase Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
  • Keep Average Volume at Planned Levels
  • Reduce Maintenance Downtime
  • Reduce Vulnerability to Zero-Day Cyber Attacks
  • Reduce Operating Costs (including Maintenance)
  • Increase Fleet Utilization
  • Increase Life of Assets
  • Improve Operational Practices
  • Improve Job Performance – Time Between Stages
  • Reduction in Field Services Costs
  • Improve Asset Security—Real-Time Detection of Cyber Threats

Benefits to Assets and Processes

Edge-based AI and ML for asset and process optimization

  • Visibility
  • Performance
  • Assessment
  • Operational Excellence
  • Business Excellence
  • Job Status
  • Status & Health Monitoring
  • Basic Asset Diagnostics
  • Asset Utilization
  • NPT Reduction
  • On Job Asset Utilization
  • On Job Asset Performance
  • Process Timeline
  • Performance Baseline
  • Advanced Asset Diagnostics
  • Job Performance Analysis
  • Safety Process Monitoring
  • Realtime Operations Optimization
  • Maintenance Process Optimization
  • What-if Analysis
  • Goals
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Fleet Output Optimization
  • Basic Diagnostics
  • Alarms and Notifications
  • Equipment Performance
  • Unit Inlet and Outlet:
  • – Flowrate
  • – Pressure
  • – Anomalies
  • Plant Level/Unit Operating Benchmark
  • Performance to Operating Parameter Correlation
  • Energy Consumption Baseline
  • Realtime Performance Diagnostics vs. Benchmark
  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • Equipment Timeline
  • Realtime Plant Optimization
  • Maintenance Process Optimization
  • What if Analysis
  • Goals
  • Sales Volume Optimization
  • Cost Reduction

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Deployment Model

Fast deployment for fast and quantifiable results

What to expect:

Our team collaborates with the client stakeholders to identify and document the client’s unique requirements. Those requirements will form the baseline of a Project Plan that will detail the who, what, when, and where for all project activities. We will then begin the process of developing the required solution utilizing our deep experience base combined with our cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies.

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