ONE Tech Provides Embedded AI to Semiconductor OEMs
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Embedded AI Solutions for the Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor and Hi-Tech OEMs

AI Integration that Deepens the Semiconductor Value Chain

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What We Do

AI-Enabled Solutions for Chip-Driven Smart Machines
Embedded AI technology that powers OEM development of new end-to-end solutions for targeted verticals.

Technology that Deepens the Semiconductor Value Chain
Endpoint and Edge AI solutions that enable semiconductor OEMs to generate more value from the IoT/AI technology stack.

Industry 4.0 Optimization of the Manufacturing Environment
Asset-centric endpoint AI solutions that improve the performance, reliability, and security of semiconductor manufacturing assets.

An End-to-End AI Ecosystem for the Semiconductor OEM

ONE Tech’s MicroAI™ and Helio Server combine to provide asset and process intelligence for:

  • AI-enabled On-Chip Memory

  • Device Firmware Management

  • Development of Higher-Speed Hardware

  • MCU-Level AI Training of Manufacturing Assets

  • Intelligent Process Workflows

  • Semiconductor Ecosystem Cyber-Security

Optimize Chip Manufacturing with
Embedded Intelligence

  • Edge & Endpoint AI Training of Manufacturing Assets​

  • Predictive Analytics for Asset Optimization

  • Intelligent Workflows for Process Improvement

  • AI-Enabled Ecosystem Cyber-Security

Industry Challenges

Development of New Solutions for the IoT/IIoT Space

Utilization of embedded AI technology to develop new chip-driven solutions within the IoT/IIoT markets.

Restricted Insights into Chip Performance

OEM’s lack critical insights into the functionality and performance of chips running on IoT devices and machines.

Manufacturing Asset and Process Optimization

Legacy processes and non-optimized assets create production bottlenecks, yield loss, and high costs.

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Business KPIs

Increased Revenue & Market Capture :

MicroAI™ delivers the embedded AI technology that drives deeper semiconductor penetration into the IoT technology stack.

Field Chip Performance :

AI-empowered chips provide vital chip and asset performance data back to chip and device OEMs.

Acceleration of On-Chip Memory :

Embedded intelligence that drives growth in chip memory and networking capacity.

Manufacturing Yields and Costs :

Edge and Endpoint AI training of manufacturing assets to produce increased uptime, higher productions yields, and lower costs.

Benefits to Semiconductor and High-Tech OEMs

Differentiated Offerings

New AI-enabled offerings for targeted verticals

Enhanced Chip Performance Visibility

Real-time, at-a-glance, analytics on actual chip performance

Optimized Manufacturing

AI optimization of machine and process performance to resolve legacy yield and cycle-time issues

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Case Studies

Creation of New Value Within the Technology Stack

Semiconductor OEMs are challenged with developing new value-add products that power the evolving end-to-end solutions within the IoT space. MicroAI™ provides a next-generation approach to AI enablement at the chip level, enabling semiconductor OEMs to capture more value from these emerging markets.

Real-time Assessment of Chip Performance

Semiconductor OEM have traditionally had little to no insight into how their chips are performing in the field. MicroAI™ is providing the chip-level intelligence that allows OEMs to perform deep—real-time—analytics on chip performance and to implement improvements based on embedded self-learning algorithms.

Optimization of Semiconductor Manufacturing

Long manufacturing cycle times and yield loss are long-standing challenges within the semiconductor industry. MicroAI™ and Helio Server provide an ecosystem of embedded intelligence that delivers increase production capacity, better resource utilization, reduced waste, higher yields, and increased asset lifespans.

Deployment Model

ONE Tech’s core AI engine, MicroAI™, can be scaled and customized to accommodate the specific business and technology objectives of any semiconductor OEM. Our MicroAI™ Atom and Helio Server products will provide the chip, asset, and process intelligence required to empower your operational and market growth strategies.

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